5 Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

The holidays can truly bring up all the emotions and I know there are so many articles this time of year talking about how to stay healthy through all the treats, travel and challenges.  This one may be a little different – there won’t be any tips to eat less or sneak in vegetables. As always, I am going to gently invite you to take a more self-loving perspective.

1. Listen to your body

With all that can come up this time of year, if you can, try to sit with and really feel into what your body wants.  Does it want rest or movement? Does it want another baked good or a break? Truly feel into what would feel good for you and enjoy that.

2. Enjoyment is healthy

Please don’t ever discount the beautiful effect of enjoyment on your health.  If you are spending time with community, whether chosen or biological, can you really be present and enjoy it fully?  Food and lazy days together can be a huge part of celebrating and that joy is so good for us. Can you enjoy every bite of the baked goods (GASP even with sugar!!!  Yes!! Enjoy it fully!) Can you enjoy every moment of cozy blankets and watching holiday movies?

3. Diversity of Movement

When you feel called to move can you move in new or diverse ways?  Perhaps you are away from your regular routine, but does another way of moving sound good?  Can you go on a walk on your own or with people around you? Can you prepare food in a squatting position?  Can you crawl through a fort with the kids (or without – I will never concede that forts have an age limit!)

4. No shame and no punishment

No matter what you eat or what activities you do or don’t do, please please please do not use shame or punishment.  Denying food or over exercising will not change the past and will only cause harm. Eating is not a sin and does not require penance.  

5. Be very gentle with yourself

This time of year is always painted as so jolly, but for many of us, it is not (or at least moments of it are not).  Please be so gentle with yourself. Do any self-care activities help right now? Are there any aspects of the holidays you find beautiful?  Focus on these as much as possible and remember this time of year is not a great time for pushing yourself – it is a time for gentleness and rest.

Do you have any tips for the holidays?  Please leave them in a comment below!

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