7 Things You Didn’t Know Acupuncture Could Treat

“I didn’t know acupuncture could help with that!” is perhaps one of the most common things I hear from people in my life when I talk about my work.  I realized being frustrated with people not understanding what I do was pretty useless and that it is really us as Acupuncturist that holds the responsibility to make sure people know what we can do.

So here you have it…… 7 things you didn’t (well probably didn’t…) know acupuncture could help with:

1. All things baby making

You have probably heard acupuncture mentioned with infertility before – besides pain, it is probably the medical condition most associated with acupuncture.  It is pretty amazing at helping both parents optimize their health to increase chances of pregnancy and to help optimize the health of the baby, but it can also help with morning sickness, breech presentation, induction, lactation and postpartum symptoms.

2.  IBS and Digestion

This is one of my favourite areas to work in.  It is life changing when your whole world isn’t dominated by making accommodations for your digestion.  When you can head out to have fun without worrying about where the bathrooms are or leave in the morning when you want rather than waiting to go to the washroom.  

3.  Sleep

So many of you are coming in with this one and it affects all other aspects of your life.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has diagnostics and even herbs to help people get back to great nights of sleep.  

4.  Mental Health

With so few options sometimes to help address mental health symptoms, it feels wonderful to add another option to the list.  I would say a significant portion of my practice is for things like stress, depression and anxiety. The results can be so wonderful!

5.  Living life all lit up

Hmm K this one might be a little harder to explain.  I found with my own acupuncture treatments and with patients I get to work with that sometimes people slough off old patterns and start making really amazing changes in their lives.  Sometimes people get clear on what they want or leave a less than an amazing relationship, or finally apply for that thing they have been thinking about for years. It is really inspiring!!

6.  Hemorrhoids

Don’t freak out on this one!!  The needles don’t go anywhere near the anus or the hemorrhoids!!  Acupuncture as a system can use other points along the meridian or on a partner meridian to treat conditions.  Very handy for conditions that happen in areas that are more private/uncomfortable.

Often people think that acupuncture can’t work on organic issues like this or say something like ovarian cysts, but it is based on working at the root cause of an issue and can actually be very helpful.

7. Skin Conditions

There is actually a whole subset of acupuncture that is cosmetic and used to treat things like acne and reduce wrinkles.  It can also be used for skin problems like eczema, fever rashes, cold sores, etc. It is a great way to use a natural remedy and can actually work surprisingly fast.  

Well, let me know if I surprised you with any of these or if it left you with any questions.  

PS: One way to measure is this: if it isn’t an emergency (ie: requiring an emergency room and/or surgery) then acupuncture could be used as a support 🙂

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