Through my work as a Registered Acupuncturist and TCMD I realized that so many of us are trying to achieve health goals using shame.

The treatments and courses I offer are all focused on getting you to a life you love through joyful health.



You decide!

The information here is meant to inspire and hopefully provide some ideas and guidance, but the emphasis is on you choosing your goals and your strategies based on what works best for your own unique needs.


I believe in gentle, simple and safe medicine.

Please ensure that you view all of this information through the lens of your own needs and move slowly to ensure your safety.

Joyful Health

Many of us are bombarded with messages around health that focus on pushing harder and punishing ourselves.

How would it feel to meet yourself where you are and to move through improving health in joyful and kind ways?

What if you were excited to do all of your health practices?



Results are very important.

We all want to feel better and meet our goals.

Remember, though, that health is often a spiral rather than a destination.  We may see the same themes over, but from a different place on our journey.  It is not about arriving at “health” and staying there forever, but about learning through each new turn of the spiral to meet ourselves again with new knowledge and more love for the next turn.




I also offer acupuncture and TCM treatments locally in Calgary, AB

I am committed to these same values in my treatments:

You get to choose if the treatment is focused on one specific symptom or is a full health plan for big shifts and a more vibrant life.

We can discuss your health in terms of western science or in terms of the esoteric.

I am happy to work as a stand alone or to work collaboratively with the rest of you health team.


All treatments are done with a full commitment to physical safety through safe and clean procedures.

This is an anti-oppressive practice and I am continually committed to making the space as safe as possible for everyone.


Treatments should leave you feeling better quickly and then empowered with your own health – not dependent for long periods on a practitioner.