I came to Erin first when I was having exceptional difficulties controlling my ibs symptoms. I was never someone who would have initially considered acupuncture as I really hated needles and was skeptical about how it could help me but I felt like I was at the end of my rope and it was worth a try. The pain of ibs far outweighed the pain of a needle prick so I gave it a shot. Once the needles were placed and I was left to rest I instantly felt my stomach gurgle and a sense of calm came over my hyper active stomach spasms. I couldn’t believe it, I walked out of that treatment changed forever. What traditional methods and medication had been unable to achieve TCM had in control in just a few treatments, it felt a little magical and I was frustrated that I had not tried this option before. My uncontrollable ibs that I had for 5 years and learned to live with, was now within my control, I had a life again, could go out to dinner without fear of a flare up, I could go on road trips with friends without worrying about how far from a bathroom I’d be at all times.

Over the past few years I have seen Erin for a number of issues, my gastrointestinal issues, pain from a car accident, and emotional support.

Most incredibly Erin was able to cure a bout of exceptionally painful anal fissures, something that was not responding to traditional treatment and my surgeon did not want to touch for fear of making my issues worse based on a family history of chrons.

Not only have her treatments proven to be an absolute necessity in my life, she is one of the kindest, most understanding and caring practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I feel fully comfortable discussing very personal and private issues with her and she always makes me feel comfortable disclosing some of the most uncomfortable topics.

There are no words to describe how truly powerful this treatment is. I am overwhelmed that Erin was able to give me my life back. What she does and who she is, is truly remarkable.